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So about a week ago I notice this big red and purple bruise on my leg. I hadn't been hit there or anything, and since it was still there this morning and didn't seem to be going away, I figured I should look on the internet and see if I could find a cause. Based on what I could find on the internet, I narrowed it down to a serious infection, or Leukemia. Neither seemed very likely, so I just left it alone and turned on the TV. Scrubs was on and the story line was that Dr. Cox's friend was diagnosed with Leukemia. OK, a small coincidence, but whatever. So a little bit ago I decided to try finding something out about this bruise again, and ended up right back at Leukemia. I figured it was time for some comic relief, so headed over to Uncyclopedia. Featured news story: You have leukemia.

Thank you Uncyclopedia.

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