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Ouch. It must suck to be left out in the cold.

We could work at making one. The admin. are all a bunch of fools! Fresh newbie, come on, someone bite! Hello?

Perhaps we could have a Britons-versus-the-rest-of-the-world row. Admins against admins. "You say puh-tay-tarw while I say taw-mah-toah" kind of stuff (not to mention the glamor/glamour or frumptuous/bupkis controversies). Being Dutch, I would definately side with the Brits on this one. -- di Mario 19:32, 2 June 2007 (UTC)

Sounds like an idea. Saxon invaders invented the English. What happened was the Saxons let their guard down in France and ended up speaking French. When they realized what the French had done to them, they invaded Britton and invented the English to get back at the French. What the French did to the phonetics of the Roman alphabet was bad enough; most English speakers drive them nuts when they do things like not pronounce the s type c sound at the end of coup de grace and end up saying fat of the neck. But if you put an s sound on the end of many French words that by English phonetics should be there, you get sneered at! If they want to use the Roman alphabet so oddly, they should be more forgiving of the rest of the world for screwing up their pronunciations. Back to the English. In the process of the invention of the English, by bringing the French language to Britton, we ended up with spellings that are phonetic the way Microsoft products are intuitive. Fortunately, in becoming the dominant language of the world, the new lingua franca, though US economic and cultural power, the Saxons have been more than successful with their clever invention. Still, just the existence of the English is enough to tick off the French. I think they have fun sneering at each other, oblivious, for the most part, to how silly they look to the rest of us.

One thing that really ticks off many people in the commonwealth is to point out Webster’s English has actually been the more conservative version of English, following the rules of precedent, despite removing some of the more awkward extra vowels (colour?). Who wants to talk like snotty monarchs, anyway? The first volley has been fired. :p


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