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11. User:Todd Lyons (2353 links)


20. Jesus (1280 links)

21. User talk:Todd Lyons (1268 links)

Wow. He's gaining rapid ground. Even his talk page starts to rival Jesus. --User:Nintendorulez 14:42, 1 July 2006 (UTC)

edit Whoamfg.

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Holy shit, look what Todd's passed. Could Wilde himself be next???!?!!!!11ONE@!!!one! --User:Nintendorulez 21:20, 9 September 2006 (UTC)

Oh, and:

<Zombiebaron> Would I get banned for putting a hidden link to Todd's user page into the welcome template?
<nintendorulez> Hey, hey, no fighting in here. Take it #outside.
<MoneySign> Yes.
<MoneySign> Very much so.
<Zombiebaron> awww
<shRkb8> Yakov has a theater in Branson, Missourah.
<MoneySign> In fact, I think I have to ban you for thinking of that.
<Hinoa> So I'd better do it so I can unblock myself. :)
<Zombiebaron> goddamn
* Hinoa is kidding
* Zombiebaron isn't sure if Money was joking
<MoneySign> (I'll let it slide this time, though)
* shRkb8 doesn't think he was
* Hinoa is now known as HinoAFK
* BarryC goes back to reading "Politics of the United Kingdom"
* shRkb8 hasn't seen $ joke very much.
<BarryC> $ doesn't joke
<Zombiebaron> Money: You have to admit that its a good idea though
<Zombiebaron> for getting links that is
<MoneySign> No.
<MoneySign> It's not.
<shRkb8> D'oh! i just remembered why I logged on today. brb
* BarryC laments the fact that $ HATES in-jokes
<MoneySign> It's an awful idea that encourages link-spamming.
<Zombiebaron> yes yes it is
<MoneySign> This is true, BarryC.
<BarryC> MoneySign: Is this wikipedia?
<MoneySign> I'm cool with the idea of there being the odd in-joke here and there...
<MoneySign> But wanting them featured???
<MoneySign> NO!
<MoneySign> And no, BarryC. This is Uncyclopedia.
<MoneySign> What's your point?
<BarryC> Exactly.
<BarryC> Nobody Cares
<MoneySign> Are we supposed to be the exact oposite of Wikipedia?
<Zombiebaron> no
<shRkb8> no
<Zombiebaron> but close I should think
<BarryC> Who gives a monkeys' if we link-spam
<MoneySign> I do.
<shRkb8> no spam
<Zombiebaron> Money does
<Zombiebaron> :D
<BarryC> and BTW, $, you're starting to be as dogmatic as Nintendorules
<shRkb8> I HATE SPAM!
<MoneySign> ...
<MoneySign> BarryC, just because I don't agree with your views, doesn't mean I'm dogmatic.
<shRkb8> Can't I have teh spam eggs bacon spam and sausage without the spam?
<BarryC> well, if something doesn't fit in with your views, you tend to be rather "un-changing" on the subject
* Dustfinger has joined #uncyclopedia
* shRkb8 is trying to "change" the subject
* BarryC remebers when you put me in the topic
<MoneySign> That's not true.
<MoneySign> Haha!
<MoneySign> That was fun...
<nintendorulez> Nobody would ever notice a [[User:Todd Lyons|]] embedded in a template.
<MoneySign> BarryC smells.
<nintendorulez> I like the idea.
<MoneySign> :D
* Olipro| has quit IRC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
<nintendorulez> Hell, embed it in Template:Q.
<nintendorulez> Just to see how much it skyrockets.
* BarryC leaps 60 feet at the sight of Nin
<Zombiebaron> nin: do it
<MoneySign> Nin, don't.
<BarryC> Moneysign: :/
<Zombiebaron> :D
<BarryC> DO IT
<Zombiebaron> just joking Money
<Zombiebaron> NON NIN!
* BarryC wasn't joking
<MoneySign> You better be.
<nintendorulez> I'd rather see a consensus first. In case I get spontaneously banned for the jillionth time.
* BarryC notes that at a jillion is an accurate measurment of fish
* Dustfinger has quit IRC (Client Quit)
<BarryC> oh - LSD, eh? I don't remember it being called that...
<nintendorulez> It could be in Q: <choose><option weight=99></option><option weight=1>[[User:Todd Lyons|]]</option></choose>
<BarryC> so subtle...
<nintendorulez> It would be even less likely to be noticed. But wouldn't have as dramatic of an effect on Special:Mostlinked
<MoneySign> Doesn't putting in a randomizer nullify it's contribution to Most linked to?
* MoneySign isn't sure on this, though.
<Zombiebaron> try it
<nintendorulez> No, it would just mean approximately %1 of the page would affect Mostlinked.
<MoneySign> Or not.
<nintendorulez> *pages
<MoneySign> No.
<Zombiebaron> okay
<MoneySign> That's not right at all.
<MoneySign> I'm sure about that.
<nintendorulez> I'll do it, and write "Did it on an IRC dare" in the edit summary. ^_^
<MoneySign> No.
<MoneySign> Don't.
<nintendorulez> I'm feeling spontaneously daredevilish today.
<nintendorulez> And it's not like it's hard to revert...
<MoneySign> There are other spontinuities that you'll feel.
<Zombiebaron> Money: that means "prepare you're banstick"
<Zombiebaron> ;)
<nintendorulez> Template's prolly locked anyway. :P
<nintendorulez> Yup, it's locked.
<nintendorulez> Template:Welcome is locked too. Well, that's no fun...
<Zombiebaron> MoneySign you there?
* HinoAFK is now known as Hinoa
<MoneySign> Yes... What is it?
<Zombiebaron> http://uncyclopedia.org/wiki/TacoMan <<<--- HUFF
<Zombiebaron> there you go
* nintendorulez tries to remember the link to that UnNews article proclaiming Todd "Bigger than Jesus"...
<shRkb8> http://uncyclopedia.org/wiki/Uncyclopedia:Anniversaries/September_16 Made a few changes to the year 2000 entry.
<Zombiebaron> Thou shalt not upload images of thy Tacoman...
<shRkb8> the change was insipred by a front page article in today's Kansas City Star
<Zombiebaron> thanks MoneySign
<MoneySign> Sure, Zombiebaron.
<shRkb8> i need to think of something to make all those James Doohan and scotty things link to...hmmm
<shRkb8> I shall return
<Zombiebaron> yay!
<Zombiebaron> did you hear that folks?
<Zombiebaron> he "shall return"!!
* Zombiebaron shuts up again
<shRkb8> there we go [[scotty off of Star Trek]]
* shRkb8 likes to talk to himnself
<Zombiebaron> ...
<Zombiebaron> you're not though
<Zombiebaron> Hinoa or MoneySign?
<Zombiebaron> you guys still here?
<Hinoa> No.
<Zombiebaron> http://uncyclopedia.org/wiki/Biggums <<<--- HUFF
<Zombiebaron> please and thank you
<Hinoa> I dunno how, but that was huffed just before you put that up there.
<Hinoa> Must have been EVIL POWARS.
<Zombiebaron> Hin: Why did you NRV an article that I had already NRV'd?
<Hinoa> Um... it was twice as NRV as it was before?
<Zombiebaron> works for me I guess
<Zombiebaron> :)
<Zombiebaron> http://uncyclopedia.org/index.php?title=Juan_Carlos_of_Pakistan_XXIII&curid=160215&diff=1060381&oldid=1060326
<Zombiebaron> check that out...sad attempt to remove the dead end...
* shRkb8 ponders the possibility and confusion that would ensue if he made every name on the September 16 Anniversaries link to [[Scotty off of Star Trek]].  hmmm... how incredibly fiendish.
* Xykon has quit IRC (Remote closed the connection)
<shRkb8> shall I?
<shRkb8> may I?
<shRkb8> going once
<shRkb8> going twice
<shRkb8> Ghandi!
<shRkb8> brb
<Zombiebaron> no
<Zombiebaron> don't link spam!
<Zombiebaron> shRkb8...
<Hinoa> Do I need to give you boys a time out?
<shRkb8> whaaat?
<shRkb8> :-(
<shRkb8> sept. 16 is talk like scotty from star trek day!
<shRkb8> pleeeeeeaase?
<Zombiebaron> ...
<Zombiebaron> no links spaming
<Zombiebaron> ask MoneySign
<Zombiebaron> he'll ban you for asking.
<shRkb8> how is it spamming?
<Zombiebaron> it is
<shRkb8> how?
* Hinoa summons MoneySign
<Zombiebaron> read a definition of spam that says its not
<shRkb8> someone please explain how it is spamming
* MoneySign is summoned.
<nintendorulez> Holy sith. Todd's at #5 on mostlinked.
<Zombiebaron> ha ha ha
<nintendorulez> He's gonna top Wilde any day now.
<MoneySign> It's not really spamming...
<MoneySign> But it is very very useless.
<shRkb8> can I do it?
<MoneySign> And not funny.
<MoneySign> No.
<nintendorulez> It'll only be one template.
<shRkb8> awww... :-(
<shRkb8> alll riiiight
<nintendorulez> It wouldn't hurt, and it's funny to some people.
<MoneySign> Because it's "Talk like Scotty from Start Trek day" and not "Link a lot to Scotty from Star Trek day".
<wolf> ayyyy captin!
<MoneySign> nintendorulez, it would hurt.
<shRkb8> ma bairns! ma poor bairns...
<wolf> I tried shovin' a weeiner in the wharped durive
<nintendorulez> Can I embed it in Template:Cookie? It'd be completely undetectable without the tab button.
<MoneySign> No.
<nintendorulez> How about with weighted choose tags?
<MoneySign> No.
<nintendorulez> You're no fun.
<MoneySign> Indeed.
<shRkb8> fascinating.
<MoneySign> Is it?
<shRkb8> maybe to spock...IDK
* shRkb8 is bored out of his mind
<MoneySign> What you don't know could fill up a warehouse.
<shRkb8> a big'un too...
<MoneySign> Yup.
<nintendorulez> I'ma stick this up on UnNews talk:Todd Lyons "bigger than Jesus".
<nintendorulez> See what others think of the idea.

--21:25, 9 September 2006 (UTC)

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