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Steve I of Oz was not being assassinated, other sources* say, since the sting ray was merely playing. The sting ray could not have possibly imagined before hand that Steve I of Oz (others would say 'Ox') easily withstood crock bites several times a day without any problem, whereas one playful touch of the heart could wipe him out so lightly. Recently, Bush Tucker Man explained Steve's heart weakness from a lack of proteins which could have been solved by eating just 10-20 grubs a day. In the same interview Bush Tucker Man specifically denied any involvement in the US Elections scam a few years ago. Following this interview, fans of Steve I called Bush Tucker Man: a. a liar b. not a rightful heir to the throne c. a much better cook than lisping Jamie O.

Breaking News meanwhile (Oct. 27, 6:55 am): Bindi to make peace with Sting Rays after having a good grub.

05:00, 27 October 2006 (UTC)

  • One of them being al-Jaz-Raya
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