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Don't forget to watch the last stage of her nomination review on Fox News tomorrow (well, it's also on CNN and MSNBC) on how she feels about those Jews? Here's an exercpt of her wild comment after a hit of her bong and watch Ms. Archie Bunker Sotomayor get on a trip.

"I never said anything about Jewish people, except they are always whining about something. They seem to never stop whining about minorities. Senator Barbara Boxer does her J.A.P. style rant about a famous black person in an Alternative Energy committee decision and the leading Negro told her to stop that. Sheesh, Jews, blacks, whites, and I'm the wise Latina who knows about races of people...and J.A.P.s are not the slant-eyed people you know".

See, what do I tell ya? Nominate her and she'll be throwing Jews into boxcars! + PotatoSmut 09:43, 24 July 2009 (UTC)

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