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This one wrote itself from the AP wire. It is a Valley Girl in a Montessori family, where the highest values are to do whatever you feel is your quest, and above all send a web-cam feed to every stranger on Earth. Even when your comely self is stranded alone in a sinking sailboat in a part of the Indian Ocean far from the trade routes. Forgive me, but my mind immediately thinks: Piracy and rape. Hence this article and its double entendres. As I am implying that Abby is a slut (with no basis), I don't use her full name.

An omitted aspect: The rest of America, including its radio talk shows, horrified that a youth could be reared according to values that aren't theirs, that is, hypercaution.

I have read about parents who are obsessed that, if Abby could set out to do it at age 16, my own Son of Destiny could not give me an identity by doing it at a younger age.

Among the double entendres in this article, I failed to find a phrasing for the broken mast that would suggest a lost erection, and yet be clearly nautical if read literally. Spıke Ѧ 03:49 16-Jun-10

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