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edit Ideological caricatures

A tactic that ideologues use to try to win elections is to portray their adversary as an extreme caricature. They do this in total seriousness, and sometimes they succeed in convincing voters, even though no one in elected office is that extreme and, if they thought they were perceived as extreme, they would change something for fear of losing.

So, when an UnNews story simply turns people into caricatures, it isn't funny to me because it is indistinguishable from things I hear their opponents say in seriousness.

Obama's support for a mosque at Ground Zero is ridiculous, so yes let's ridicule it. A good line is to describe his ardor for a religion he is accused of siding with, versus his apathy for the religion he claims he does belong to. Another good angle is the fact that the whole debate is irrelevant; the President has no legitimate power to override decisions of the property owner and city regulators. Simply casting Obama as a Muslim Manchurian Candidate is less clever--and is indistinguishable from an extreme-right rant. Making caricatures of Palin and Gingrich adds balance, but these likewise are things an extreme leftie would say.

Likewise this article the Chief wrote last Monday. The Left has spent a year trying to claim the Tea Party is racist; we broached it with UnNews:Did someone use the "N-word"? where three Congressmen say they were insulted, the right has videotape that no such thing happened, and the UnNews scoop is that this is because the tape is of a duck pond. Now the Chief has a scoop: Limbaugh spills the beans, we were racist all along. Apart from being a good vehicle for the accompanying photograph, it's not clever enough. It's something you'd read in the Daily Kos for real.

I made this argument to the Colonizers, whose rewrite of Barack Obama was based on suggesting that Obama's detractors are paranoid--a line Obama's men take whenever they can, and not for laughs. Spıke Ѧ 17:23 14-Aug-10

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