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I hope this doesn't read like merely an anti-Obama rant.

The first source is an AP wire story about Americans in polls who stubbornly cling to assertions that the reporter thinks are myths.

The second source is a blogger at the conservative Wall Street Journal, reviewing Obama's rhetoric regarding the proposed Ground Zero mosque, mentioning the AP story and above all how sure the AP reporter is about what the facts are, and commenting on how ludicrous some of the Administration denials are.

Bottom line, the AP reporter is scolding us. What we believe may or may not be true, but we believe it for a reason; in the case of Obama's flirtation with Islam, the reason is kind of obvious, and the AP story is a piece of ridiculous nagging. Which brings us to my story's we-know-best finale. Spıke Ѧ 01:24 20-Aug-10

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