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i am a source and i can definately inform you that alex ferguson begged his entire team to perform bizzare acts of sexual cannibalism on his scottish ass self. i am a prolific writer for the sun and we know EVERYTHING!!! therefore leading to the conclusion that if you have worked hard and made a name for yourself then you can bet your mothers sweet hairy arse that we will despise your human ways of life and expose you for the bitch ass mothers that you really are!! muhahaha! do you know that we recently ate one Gary Bushell for making a child stroganoff with white whine!!!!! he said it was bloody nice and he played pictionary afterwards. but the sun (capital bold italics) joined up all of our superior pyneal glands to ruin this candy ass bitch and we arsefixiated his bitch ass self to the eternal rest!!!!!!! ps all of your mere mortal construction workers daily 25ps add up to a jolly good sum for us to psy the king of kings...BORIS JOHNSON hahahahahahahahahahahahaha jokes on you big massive humans... hahahhahahaha The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs)

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