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edit Re: the 700 club picture

I used a lot of strong language in this article, because I wanted to make a point; that the mainstream media treats homosexuality as a joke, and it's ridiculous. I personally support gay rights, donate to a PAC that supports marriage equality every month, and believe that gays should have the freedom to have their relationships, sexuality and beliefs respected by the rest of society. I just wanted to put this small note here so that people didn't think that I actually believed the satirical material I wrote in this piece, which, more than anything else, is an indictment of the television "news" we suffer from at the present time.

Remember, in the true spirit of uncyclopedia, this article (although, I would respectfully submit, not this explanation) is misinformation and satire. Please take it as such, since that is how it was intended.

--Hrodulf 15:08, 6 October 2006 (UTC)

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