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No offense, but this article is not funny, at least not to me. It's just empty rhetoric, and there are some obvious spelling issues ther eas well. Might want to go back and fix some of those issues buddy. --ZhenBang Talk to me! 23:45, June 21, 2013 (UTC)

Well, the problem is that you will need some knowledge of linguistics in order to get some of the jokes in this article. Besides English isn't my first language so I can't write it perfectly. Reality2 (talk) 00:44, June 22, 2013 (UTC)

edit Well still

I do understand what this joke is supposed to BE. But it's just too random and does not make sense, whereas I am sure the HTBFANJS guid makes it clear that randomness and non-sense can be funny, but not on it's own. This has potential, I am not a mod so I can't put a template on this because it's not my article.. I'll see if I can get some spare time to proofread this, either way, you should rework it a bit. --ZhenBang Talk to me! 03:30, June 22, 2013 (UTC)

ZhenBang, comments such as "this article is not funny....you should rework it a bit" are not funny enough to be helpful. Reality2, asking the reader to have "some knowledge of linguistics" is a bit much, and you should generally write for our general reader rather than a specialist. Also, if you are not a native English-speaker and you know you are making mistakes, you should get to know Reverend P. Pennyfeather and his Proofreading Service.
Random humor is welcome here, but humor that is about something is better, as this website claims to be an encyclopedia (and UnNews claims to be a news source--If you just want to invent news, you must tag it with {{Original}}). The biggest conceptual problem is that you create a quaint concept and then explore it from different angles, adding humor only incidentally.
Detailed comments:
  • First paragraph: When you lead with the name "Steven Useless," it's self-deprecation that ruins the seriousness of the article. I can tell in three words that your comedy concept is going to be simply, "This UnNews is a load of crap!!!"
  • It also fails to resemble a real news story in that the lead paragraph should explain in a capsule what just happened.
  • Second paragraph: Too many numbers, too many names of languages, when the reader has not yet gotten a sense of real humor. When you get into self-made languages with self-made names, the reader first gets the sense that there might be damned little humor in the whole article.
  • Third paragraph: A "real" news story must answer, among other things, the question, Why? and here we have your answer: because he "was determined to" do so. That is hastily thought up and doesn't relate anything to anything else. When we get into the tedious details, I become unable to wade through it. Now, two of the languages are Fuck and Shitty Latin, and you should have pulled ZhenBang back in at this point because that is his style of humor. The next two names are keyboard tests.
  • We get to the end and there is no zinger. Useless is just someone who was determined to do something...useless. We study that some thing but never play with the implications of its uselessness. It was hard work and no reward. Spıke Ѧ 12:47 22-Jun-13
To be honest I tried to translate the Dutch UnNews article which I had written. Normally I write for the Dutch Encyclopedia and my contributions there are appreciated, but maybe that is because in my own language I can make and use humor, but in English the problem is the language barrier. I tried though because I 'd like to reach a more international audience, but I think also that the sense of humor between Dutch-speakers and English-speakers might be a bit different, because I have to agree that in Dutch this article looks much better than in English. This article is actually a parody on this 16-years old guy who taught himself like 20 languages: http://www.reddit.com/r/languagelearning/comments/1291b5/16_year_old_american_kid_speaks_20_languages/


I just changed it into a person who taught himself useless languages, because they are self-made. Some of the jokes are, for instance, that there exists no language with only vowels because it is very hard to speak with only vowels and it doesn't sound like anything, it would sound quite funny actually to speak with only vowels: oaoiua? That's kinda the joke, if you get me. The other one turns it around and makes only consonants of it, another joke is some languages consisting of only computer characters, which are impossible to pronounce. Normally, if you make a language yourself, like Esperanto or some other languages like that which you can find on the internet, they consist of letters, words and a certain grammar, but in the news article, you have some guy who instead of that makes languages in a completely retarted way because, for instance, a language consisting only of dots, with a word like apple which could be: .. or ..., and the word man which could be: .. or ..., is completely uncomprehensible and random. But I can understand if you share a different sense of humor, Dutch Uncyclopedists can laugh about such kind of jokes which I make in articles there. Reality2 (talk) 23:19, June 24, 2013 (UTC)

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