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While one can argue that this cartoon is offensive and racist, it was written and designed by African-Americans as satire to give a message to other African-Americans to improve the quality of their lives. Hidden in the cartoon is a positive message of taking responsibility for one's life, stop blaming others, and do things to improve their own situation. I find it no different than the usual gansta rap, but instead of telling people to kill others, take drugs, and degrade women, it actually suggests that people read a book, drink water, brush their teeth, raise their kids, buy land, wear deodorant, etc. It isn't even aimed at kids, it is more aimed at teenagers and young adults who get that sort of humor. Yeah it uses swear words, and racist names, but just like any other gansta rap does. BET did make a different version with the racist names censored in it, but kept the swear words in it. Sometimes, the people at BET seem to think, you have to use crude humor to get the message across. The first time this advice was given, it was given by Bill Cosby in a more positive manner, but was rejected. So maybe D'Mite can put it in words of a rap song, and maybe it won't be rejected this time. The advice can be given to anyone of any race or background, reading a book is good for you. Expand your mind, read a book, educate yourself. The only person you can really change is yourself, you cannot change other people's minds. I felt the cartoon made good material for a UnNews page, and wrote it as such, trying to get the positive message out. The parents really objected to the swear words and racist lyrics, not wanting to expose children to them. Only the cartoon is not aimed at children, but teenagers and young adults who watch BET late at night when it airs. --Lt. Sir Orion Blastar (talk) 01:40, 4 September 2007 (UTC)

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