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Red link, red link, I love you, but you must make way, for the blue. Aleister 00:32 21-1-'12

I don't think the image fits the article. The image of "Joe the Slummer" doesn't really fit with the elegant tone of the article. --Lucifuge Rofacale (talk) 03:46, March 13, 2014 (UTC)
Thanks for the compliment, about the elegant tone. Joe is very elegant, he is taking a picture of himself to prove it (the essence of narcissism is that you think you're beautiful even if you're not). Maybe his name can be changed though, as "Joe the Plumber" is fading into the dustbowl of history. I'll read the page (haven't in years) to see what else is in there. thanks again. Aleister 9:53 13=3=14
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