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Zordon reveals that he was fired from Power Rangers for being a racist

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Friday, July 21, 2017, 18:54:59 (UTC)

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30 August 2010

Zordon interview 2010

David Fielding, who played Zordon, tells No Pink Spandex that the reason he was fired from Power Rangers was due to his racism.

HOLLYWOOD, Wisconsin -- The guy who played the giant blue head who mentored the Power Rangers for the first half of Mighty Morphin -- has just revealed that original Blue Ranger David Yost ("Billy") is gay. He also dropped a huge bombshell... that he was fired from the show because he was harassed over picking the Rangers' colors based on their race, sex, and sexual orientation.

Actor David Fielding -- who played Zordon for half of 1993 before being replaced with Bob Manaham just gave an interview to No Pink Spandex 'zine and explained, "I made too many racial, sexist, and sexual remarks in front of the cast, creators, directors, writers, and producers."

Fielding added:

I called Walter Jones [Zack, the original -- African-American!! -- Black Ranger] a n---er from the very beginning. Then I called Thuy Trang [the late actress who played Asian Yellow Ranger Trini] a few Asian slurs. It's no big deal to me. Some people drew blank faces when I called the Red Ranger, I can't remember his name [Perhaps Austin St. John or Steve Cardenas, or Zeo and Turbo Red Ranger Jason David Frank?]... Native American slurs such as Red Man, Running Horse, Redskin, Chief, and Tonto. I used to greet him with 'How!' I used to put a headdress on his Red Ranger costume.

Fielding used to refer to Walter Jones by racial slurs.

This bombshell comes just months after creator Haim Saban bought back the rights to the Power Rangers franchise from Disney, who also houses a blue head, by the name of Walt Disney. Phone calls to Saban have not yet been returned, except with, "Leave me the hell alone already, and quit fucking calling me!"

Library episodes of Mighty Morphin through RPM (700 in total) will debut on Nicktoons in October, while a brand new season will debut on Nickelodeon in 2011.

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