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Zombipedia's Richwood discusses "The problem with Uncyclomedia"

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Saturday, March 17, 2018, 04:45:59 (UTC)

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21 October 2009


all of this shit has got to be moved!

GAPHSBURG, Minnesota -- Zombipedia CEO Barlon Richwood discusses about the recent disturbances in the encyclopedic industry, referring to Uncyclomedia. He claims that to someone in the writing industry, Uncyclomedia is growing too fast, absorbing too many encyclopedias, Yahoo! Answers in particular. "I don't trust Uncyc," Richwood stated. Before getting paiped, he stated "I, personally, trust Uncyclomedia." which confused everyone. "All they did was take away Yahoo! Answers. A source of infinite wisdom. Now they're going to rape it and remove all its ads." Richwood admits that he trusts the guys from Uncyclomedia on a personal level, but not as an industry competitor.

Indeed, Uncyclomedia will plan to purchase all the large names in the encyclopedic business, ranging from Lolpedia to Encyclopedia Dramatica. "My wiki has 18 articles. 18. Do you know what that means?" Uncyclomedia, upon receiving the final $2.41 to finish up their ten dollar fund to rule everything and everyone in the world, you too will be raped. "Don't even try to deny it. Uncyclomedia is taking over the Mushroom Kingdom internet, just like on TV, and you'd be a fool if you think you can try to stop them." a local reporter claims.

Richwood says "I'd love to see Uncyclopedia spun off from Uncyclomedia. But then Uncyclomedia would have nothing to host. What a terrible day that would be. Brilliant." on his plans of Peace on Earth. "I love Uncyclopedia articles. In particular, here are a few of my favorites - Kitten huffing, AAAAAAAAA!, Euroipods", Richwood had clearly read off his damn computer screen, clearly showing that he doesn't even give a damn about the Uncyclomedia affair.

"At the time we would like to see an industrial revolution. For the time being, Uncyclomedia is focused on the namespace industry"

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