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Yardbirds regroup with reborn singer

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Saturday, March 17, 2018, 16:54:59 (UTC)

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24 February 2010


Keith Relf reborn and rejoined with old band mates, Beck unfires band, The Reborn Yardbirds!

LONDON, England -- UnNews joins the Rock world in rejoicing at the unprecedented rebirth, and reunion of the world’s most influential rock band ever. Glory be!!!

The most highly influential 1960s prog band was The Yardbirds, who, in succession, featured the three “Guitar Gods”, viz., Clapton, Beck, and Page. Their music was so progressive and innovative that they single handedly taught the Beatles, the Stones, the Kinks, and the Who, along with a multitude of US and UK garage band, “rock star” wannabes, exactly how to go totally bloody bonkers.

Famed for their inventions, i.e., controlled feedback and stark-raving noise, they are still looked up to by most all big stars of today, including greats ranging from Joe Satriani and Metallica to The Sex Pistols and The Misunderstood.

On May 14, 1976 any chance for the bands career was effectively ended when singer Keith Relf was electrocuted while playing acoustic harmonica in the bathtub, or any variety of other versions of his demise.

Most people thought that Relf’s vocals was wimpish when compared to contemporaries such as Eric Burdon (The Animals) and Roger Daltry (The Who) and that it was always the lead guitarist who was front man, when, in fact, it was the very distinctive vocals of lead-singer Relf which really carried and stamped the band in history. So his death was very unfortunate for Yardbird’s fans of all three eras. Because Relf was the real star of the group.

Amazingly, almost immediately after death, Relf was reborn as Arnold, the Son of Rev. Milfred and Twittle Mayflower, who run the Parish in the Shire. At the age of 2 Relf, now Arnold, no longer plagued by asthma as in his past life, quickly matured as a lead singer. By age of twelve he set out on a long quest to rejoin his band mates.

Finally, at the ripe enough age of 34, Relf (Arnold) rejoined the original Yardbirds line up as lead singer, and they are effectively back in business. Even Jeff Beck was so blown out by Relf’s rebirth as Arnold Mayflower, that he rehired the very band he had fired years before.

Yardbirds fans, including Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith, are anxiously awaiting the reborn lineup's first studio album, which could be out by mid March. UnNews also looks forward to the new release.

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