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Yahoo! caught making up news

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018, 10:33:59 (UTC)

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30 July 2007


Yahoo!'s "odd news" looks oddly familiar!

YAHOO! - Yahoo!, the Internet oral service provider, was caught “making up news” for its “My Yahoo!” website, which features a daily digest of “odd news.” According to Jerry Yang, the company’s Chief Yahoo, “We ran out of human oddities, and we had to do something. The shareholders wouldn’t let us feature porn on the site, so we had to get creative.”

Some insiders suggest that Yahoo! stole headlines from Unnews, a subsidiary of Uncyclopedia, “only funnier.” Unnews, in turn, it is rumored, regularly steals its stories from The National Enquirer, The Weekly World News, The New York Times, and The Washington Post.

Recent headlines on the “My Yahoo!” site are “too close for coincidence,” Unnews’ reporter Lotta Lies contended in her article reporting on the alleged plagiarism. “One of the stories even carried my byline,” she said.

Among the headlines that Yahoo! has allegedly stolen from Unnews are:

  • Could-be jurors stand up courts
  • Necrophilia okay in Wisconsin
  • Nuke lab makes top-secret info available to janitorial staff.

“Seriously, who would take such stories seriously?” Angela Beesley, vice-president of Wikia, Inc., asked. “I’m the vice-president of Wikia, Inc., which owns Uncyclopedia, and even I don’t take any of the Unnews stories seriously.”

Yang’s wife, Shirley Ying, said that her husband is “unavailable for further comment,” but, she added, she wouldn’t be surprised to see “a lot of porn on ‘My Yahoo!’ in place of the allegedly stolen Unnews stories, shareholders be damned. We’re an Internet service provider; we have to provide some kind of service to our clients.”

According to rumors spread by MSN, Yahoo! may have even more to worry about than a possible lawsuit. “We’ve decided to make a hostile takeover bid for Yang’s company,” a Microsoft spokesman confided. “After their little fiasco, they have about as much credibility as our TV news partner, NBC, Home of the Peacock.”

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