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World now completely forgotten about 'Joey'

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 03:58:59 (UTC)

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10 October 2006

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Star of Joey, Matt LeBlanc.

HOLLYWOOD, CA- Executives at Universal Studios in Hollywood admitted today that the world has now completely forgotten about the Matt LeBlanc show Joey. "Do you think everyone's forgotten about Joey?" inquired Universal executive Dennis Kannberg on his lunchbreak today. "Yeah," replied fellow executive Roger Sandstone; "I think we totally dropped the ball on that one."

The show, actor Matt LeBlanc's first TV show since the hit comedy Friends, saw LeBlanc revisit his Friends role as Joey Tribbiani, a lunk-headed Italian-American with a heart of sunshine. Despite the anticipitation of huge ratings, the show flopped, with just five Americans viewing its prime-time debut in 2005.

The show was immediately cancelled, which led to the suicide of several cast members, and the disappearance of LeBlanc. Since then, the world has completely forgotten about the show's existence. Even avid Friends fan Morris Smithe remarked "What the fuck are you talking about?" when asked about the ill-fated sitcom, which he somehow equated with the currently 17 failed sitcoms of the cast from "Seinfeld," 12 of them by Julia Louis-Dreyfus alone.

With bright new sitcoms appearing on every network recently (I Fucking Hate Raymond, Buddies), failed sitcoms like Joey are sinking into complete limbo. "This isn't worrying at all," remarked Dr. Stan Butcher of Clown Enema University today; "leave me alone."

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