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Wood cut-out sold for $58,000

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Sunday, February 18, 2018, 03:15:59 (UTC)

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9 July 2007

Paris, France- At an art auction in Paris, a man from America paid $58,000 for a wood cut-out, stating that this is what true art is. An International controversy arise shortly after the man bought the cut-out, in that people around the world were outraged that someone would actually buy this slab of oak. The people who sold this wood "art" were very happy, and when interviewed about it, replied "We screwed him, we screwed him good!" in a broken German accent. When civilians were interviewed about the purchase they replied in shock and jealousy. One French man told the local newspaper that that guy could of donated the money to "death Ethiopian

Wood cut-out considered "True Art" by some "What" by others

babies" rather than that "piece of crap". Another man, most likely drunk at the time of interviewing, said that more independent art like this needs to be recognized, and sold in auctions like these. "Anyone remember the King of the Hill episode where Hank has to buy outsider art for Mr.Strickland" one American said in response to the purchase. When another American was told about the acquisition, she spontaneously combusted out of thin air, and what remained from the charred body was driven to the hospital for 6th degree burns. When a liberal transsexual Hippie was asked what he/she thought about it, he/she reacted in joy that it was "about time for art to get a face lift, and this cut-out starts the long freeway to enlightenment" nearby pedestrians heard this, and went Joseph Smith on the male part of the transsexual. So after at least 2 deaths, the controversy still lives.

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