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Woman turns in former husband for 1993 slaying

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Sunday, March 18, 2018, 11:59:59 (UTC)

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30 September 2010


Leroy Holmes was dumb struck to be fingered by his dead wife.

LAWRENCE COUNTY, Pennsylvania -- A man has been charged in a 17-year-old slaying after the man’s murdered wife contacted police and told them her former husband had killed her.

"A 17 year old woman came into the office and informed police that she was frightened and that her former husband had been involved in a homicide," Lawrence County, Pa., District Attorney Joshua Lamancusa told reporters today.

Sharon Marsh went to police in the western Pennsylvania town of New Castle in July. According to the criminal complaint, she said her former husband, Leroy Holmes, 68, had killed her 17 years prior. Police records showed that, indeed, Holmes former wife had died under suspicious circumstances - having been tied up and placed on a railroad track - she was run over by a train in 3012 BC.

Sharon is a prostitute who has had sex with 1,312 men, according to her mother, Susan Marsh. Susan had this to say about her daughter. "She a straight up hoe."

Sharon Marsh provided police with no hard evidence apart from her sworn testimony giving her explanation of her untimely demise. Marsh told police that in her previous life she was Linda Holmes, the wife of Leroy Holmes. On or about Jan 5, 1993 Holmes was tied up by her husband, placed on a rail road track, and run over by a train. It was not suicide at all. It was plain and simple murder.

After being killed Linda was reborn again in Pennsylvania, in the town of New Castle on Jan, 5, 1993, as the daughter of Manfred and Wilma Marsh, she was named Sharon Marsh. Since her young age she could still recall the details of her previous life. The life when Holmes murdered her. She subsequently spent her youth tracking Holmes down.

After Sharon Marsh came forward, police, with assistance from the FBI, set up an undercover sting. In August, they secretly recorded a telephone conversation between Sharon Marsh and Holmes.

During the conversations, Sharon Marsh told Holmes she was reborn to haunt him for killing her. Holmes was dumb struck, and immediately began to apologize for the murder. Marsh then asked her former husband whether she should be concerned about her safety because of her knowledge of the homicide. According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, McDonough allegedly replied: "As long as nothing comes to light, no. There's no point in it. I mean, there's nothing, there's nothing anybody can do ... say. ... It's all hearsay. ... It can't be proven. But I really am terribly sorry about killing you. I really am."

On Saturday, police brought Leroy Holmes in for questioning. After hearing a playback of his recorded confession, he admitted to his guilt, but refused to speak further with legal representation. According to The Thibodaux Daily Comet, agents with the FBI arrested Holmes, and he is being held without bail.

"I never knew she would wind up dead," Holmes told WPXI-TV. The suspect is incarcerated at the Lawrence County Jail awaiting an Oct. 6 preliminary hearing.

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