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Woman suspected to be stealing

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 13:20:59 (UTC)

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19 November 2006

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After thorough investigation, it became apparent that this indeed was the house that the woman was found in.

BELFAST, Northern Ireland -- A woman, that was found in a house yesterday was suspected of stealing.

Yesterday, at 11am, a woman was discovered in a house. It was first thought that she had just forgot and turned up at the wrong house, then she managed to break in and sit down in the living room.

"It is a very easy thing to do," said Dr. Benas, psychologist.

However, during police interrogation it was revealed that she was in fact stealing from the house.

When she was searched, many items were found in her possession and the car keys of the owner, the house keys of the owner. Also found on her possession was the drivers license and passport of the owner's wife.

Police are treating the crime as attempted theft. A court case is to be held later in the year, and it is suspected that the woman will be given 6 months imprisonment, but this could be changed. The woman argues that she doesn't remember going in the house, but the place looked familiar when she woke up.

"Why was she stealing my wife's things, I can't believe she would do that," said an angered owner, "and my wife's missing, hopefully the police can clear that up as well."

The Police did, in fact, clear this up: the person in the house was missing from England. Her husband reported her missing about 2 months ago. He commented "How she ended up in Ireland I do not know."

The owner of the house also solved the case of his missing wife, she is dead.

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