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Witches hold Romania spellbound in tax revolt

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018, 10:54:59 (UTC)

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6 January 2011


Witch Anna Hexonyou forsees trouble ahead for Romania.

BUCHAREST, Romania -- Witches, warlocks and shape shifters are threatening to disrupt Romania if a planned tax on spell-casting goes ahead.

The Romanian government has decided to tax what they see as the "untapped magic market" to raise revenue for the cash-strapped state. But the plan has run into strong opposition from the country's large superstitious business sector.

Chief Witch of Romania, Anna Hexonyou has demanded the Romanian government withdraw plans to slap a tax on spells, curses, cauldron cooking and tarot cards or "she would get ugly." Setting up her protest tent in the city's main boulevard, Anna said the tax on "witchcraft" interfered with her right to practice "wicca wonders" in violation of the Freedom of Religion law in the country's constitution. Holding a large symbolic broomstick, Anna Hexonyou said she and other members of the sorcery business would disrupt the country until there was a change in attitude by the government.

This is a disgrace. Wicca or witchcraft as you call it has made our country proud. The government are trying to make money off people who want to use our services to guarantee them the right numbers in the national lottery here or give their next door neighbours four flat tyres. If the government is going to tax us, will they tax prayers and sermons in churches? What is the difference?

A government spokesman Vlad Nosferatu tried to answer Anna Hexonyou's points but was surprisingly turned into a toad before he could say much. Anna denied it was anything to do with her and said a "rogue black-hat witch" in the pay of the state was trying to "discredit" her religion.


A Romanian government spokesman..or spokestoad..

I had nothing to do with that! We are White Magic practioners, no one gets a spell cast on them without prior warning. Why are we getting witch hunted here? There's no tax on vampires but I guess most of them work for banks so they are beyond the law.

Anna has vowed to continue her protest but has promised if she can "do something" for the unfortunate Romanian government spokesman in the meantime.

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