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Wikipoodia goes down the pan?

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Monday, March 19, 2018, 19:12:59 (UTC)

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1 June 2007


Wikipoodia's share price - yes they're screwed

Cambridge UK. Wikipoodia - "the other content free encyclopedia that anyone can edit but nobody does". today introduced it's new search engine "Poogle" in the hope that this would give it a commercial advantage over it's giant rival Uncyclopedia.

The Poogle search engine; a content free version of Google, is being marketed with the strap line "Cannot find the crap you are looking for on Wikipoodia? - Poogle it". Wikipoodia C.E.O. Norbet Frankenstein spoke enthusiastically to UnNews, "Poogle is the tool that is finally going to put Wikipoodia where it belongs - as the worlds number one content free encyclopedia. I bet those bozos at Uncyclopedia are getting pretty worried about now".

Despite Norbet Frankensteins optimism, public confidence in his wiki based web site remains low. Industry insider Gordon Zola commented, "Wikipoodia doesn't pose a threat to anyone, except maybe to Mr Frankensteins ego. Wikipoodia has only got about 6 users, most of which are school kids that spend their time vandalizing each others pages with spurious and unproven comments concerning their sexuality. The truth is these people are just cowboys who think inserting the word 'poo' into sentences will make them a success."

Mr Frankenstein responded angrily, "Who do these commentators think they are? The idea that we randomly insert poo into sentences wherever we can is ridiculous and I have many important backers who would agree with me; including former US secretary of State Merdeline Albright, US Defence Secretary, Donald Bumsfelt and Russian premier Valdimir Pootin", Mr Frankenstein concluded, suppressing a giggle.

Following the launch of Poogle, Wikipoodia's shares dipped by 1 cent to $0.00.

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