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Wikipedia rejoices over crisis

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 15:30:59 (UTC)

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3 January 2009

Jimmy Wales Fundraiser Appeal

Jimbo Wales, the great and honourable founder of Wikipedia

CYBERSPACE - With all the crisis going on around the world, Wikipedians are writing more and better articles. Wikipedia founder Jimbo Wales declared that the article quality on Wikipedia has considerably increased. He claimed this in one of his official statements, hyperlinked in a moderately sized site notice:

Dear Reader,

Since the start of the financial crisis and the resulting economic crisis, I have seen Wikipedia articles flourish and prosper. The amount of articles that were created because of some recent crisis is currently estimated at 420,000. In around 25% of articles the quality has been dramatically increased.

Like with the political crisis in Belgium, resulting from general incompetence and some violation of the law while politicians were trying to save some bank. After they got a new prime minister, his article was suddenly substantially expanded, with the addition of a close-up picture.

I hope we soon get some notable crisis in several other countries, like Romania. I'd love to see some good articles about some Romanian politicians

On a different note, I would also like to thank everyone who donated to Wikipedia. Using this money we can cause greater chaos in the world so Wikipedians can write articles about it. You've helped make and keep Wikipedia available for the whole world.

I deeply appreciate your support.

Thank you,

Jimmy Wales

Many Wikipedians welcome these troublesome times as an inspiration to write articles. However, some visitors to the site had several complaints. Among several reactions to Jimbo's message, one stated:

That guy may be the new prime minister of Belgium, but he's fucking ugly! Can someone please remove the ugly bastard's close-up picture.

In reaction to the previous statement, another visitor said:

Talking about ugly people, this guy's picture really looks nasty. He should sue his photographer.

Wikipedians collectively reacted to this insult to their great leader, enhancing the comment with a neutral point of view:

Jimmy Wales has a picture. Photographer.

More recently, the close-up picture of the current Belgian prime minister was removed from the article because someone spotted a missing punctuation mark in its copyright notice. Visitors to the site cheered in joy and relief. The image was however soon replaced by another close-up picture with an appropriate license, copied from Flickr, the source of over 75% of Wikimedia Commons images.

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