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Wikipedia admits "WW2 Didnt Actually Happen"

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 13:37:59 (UTC)

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7 March 2007

Washinton, America. The lying asshole virgin chief-in-command hawkish villian of the U.S dominated C.I.A Controlled WikiFoundation Larry Sanger today admitted that World War 2 (aka WW2) did not actually happen.

"Back in the summer 2001 we needed to make up some stuff for Wikipedia and we noticed the 1939-1945 period was very quiet."

Embarressed Sanger, 82 decided to continue his evil joke hoping no-one would notice. Instead history around the world was rewritten, 40 million grandparents disappeared, memories rewritten, memorial serivces created overnight.

The event came to light when Oxford University`s greatest historian, Prof Hard Gay visted Germany to study WW2, and realised nothing actually happened.

"No tanks! No Nazis! No holocaust! Not even a custard pie fight on the Russian front!"

Hard Gay expanded, "Now its so clear, why would German and Russia fight? Actually they were same country, Gerussia, and spoke the same lanuage."

Today people are waking up to world as everyone is askingpeople asking what happened to their so-called dead grandparents! "My Grandpa got a medal for somthing! We just don`t know what now! Damn lying wiki assholes" said Flavea Flav of rap group Public Enema.

Flavor Flav also said "yo like we all know that in Hawai `wiki` translates as quick, but yo! Like backwards, it translates as `suckers`!"

However in New York, Head of the United Nations, Kofi Anan is also pissed off with Wikipedia.

"They claimed I quit my job and a Korean guy Kim Sook Sook took my job! Even UN Janior believed Wikipedia instead of me! The lies have got to stop!"

Anan on the issue of fake WW2 he said to a group of press officals "tepodon!"

The audience yellied back "Tepodon?! What the fuck?"

However wise Kofi Anan expanded again more

"sorry I just wanted to invent a new word! Well between 1939-1945, 40 million people dropped dead, and Wikipedia had the cheek to blame it on A-Bombs and a poor defenceless artist named Adolf Hitler!"

The Morgan Freeman look-a-like ended by saying

"Wikipedia has got blood on its hands, and if Larry Sanger doesn`t come up with 39 million missing old people by the end of this week, I am going to brake his legs!"

Fighting words from Mr Anan there.

Roland rat 955

Larry Sanger, head of Wikipedia above says he is "sorry"

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