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Wikipedia - The new bastion of male chauvinism?

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Thursday, March 22, 2018, 08:45:59 (UTC)

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24 September 2012

Death to wikpedia

Wikipedia unveils its new logo in support of a male hegemony

MANHATTAN, New York -- One would think that as the international community progresses, the global Human Development Index would increase accordingly. Unfortunately, this is not always the case - there has been an exponential increase in feminists lobbying to be placed on an equal standing as men, a problem which world leaders, rather regrettably, have been unable to solve.

What is alarming is that the recurring problem of women not knowing their place in society has evolved, from previously being perceived as extremist, to logical and easily agreeable. Women have begun getting jobs, writing books, and using computers - all domains previously dominated by men.

And thus, in order to combat this rapidly-spreading disease, the Wikimedia Foundation has gladly offered to step in. The Wikimedia Foundation, which runs Wikipedia, is currently conceptualizing a "dramatic plan" to reverse this disturbing trend, and to at least restore the male hegemony over the internet. Sue Gardner, the executive director of the foundation, believes that it is very possible to reduce the current percentage of female editors in Wikipedia, from 13% to 3%, through the dramatic plan which her team is drafting out.

"I think it is very amazing," Gardner told one of our reporters. "It is very amazing that the girls have managed to go this far. With their undoubtedly low levels of IQ, it is very amazing that the girls can write four to five paragraphs about friendship bracelets, which have quite a lot of content in spite of the poor grammar and vocabulary. However, I believe that there always has to be a line drawn. I think that the girls are overstepping this boundary, and they have to be stopped. Even though they are very amazing."

"Men are clearly the superior gender, with vastly superior intellect. Take a look at their articles on Wikipedia, for example. There are more than 45 articles on characters from The Simpsons, while there is only one article on Mexican Feminist writers. Very clearly you can see that men are better than women, who unlike men, are unable to write what they want to."

The Wikimedia team has dropped a few hints regarding what the "dramatic plan" to reverse the society's feminist tendencies is: one of their intended courses of action is to delete every article on Wikipedia which has the letter "F", as it stands for "Female" and "Feminism". The team believes that in doing so, individuals wishing to look up articles relating to Feminism on Wikipedia will be unable to do so, and thus will not understand what it is.

The Wikimedia Foundation is expected to release a full draft of their "dramatic plan" by end 2012.

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