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Wikimedia celebrates 1 billion vandalisms

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Saturday, March 17, 2018, 20:52:59 (UTC)

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17 April 2010

Wikipedia Vandalism

Jimmy Wales described all the vandalism as "humbling".

WIKIMEDIA, Internets -- The Wikimedia Foundation hit a major milestone yesterday when all Wikimedia projects combined had a total sum of one billion vandalisms. The exact amount of vandalism was determined by a complicated system of bots that send the information to be recorded and then numbered on what is known as the "Dickhead Counter". The precise one billionth vandalism was an edit to the French Wikipedia article on Jean de la Fontaine, in which the entire page was replaced with "Le grand nez du poèt te fera le rire fort !". (Loosely translated: "LOL BIG NOSE!")

To celebrate the occasion, that staff at Wikimedia's Headquarters in San Francisco held a huge party last night. Wikimedia co-founder Jimmy Wales was there to give a special toast:

Nearly a decade ago, I, and only I - absolutely no one else - launched a small editable encyclopedia open to everyone. From thenceforth the concept expanded to several different projects, which became collectively known as Wikimedia. Now featuring wikiprojects in many different languages and nations around the world, there is still but one unviseral tongue: Vandalism. Whether it be a simple page blank, a bit of intended misinformation, or an out-of-place reference to male genitalia, it is vandalism that truly unites us all.

The celebration climaxed when Angela Beesley brought out a special cake ...on WHEELS!!! Jimmy Wales was photographed cutting the cake with his longtime friend and former Soviet spy John Seigenthaler. After the drunken night had passed, the staff immediately went to work reverting all the damages they made to the building.

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