UnNews:Wikia exposed as a fraud, cash funneled to offshore banks, Cabal suspected

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22 December 2009


Wikias antiquated backup system. Where did all the money go?

ST. GEORGE, Grenada -- UnNews has torn the veil of deception that is Wikia Inc. Corp. Ltd. today after intrepid reporters Dan Halen and Klaus Lagerkvist traced huge cash transfers to this sunny haven for offshore banking and other sorts of buggery. Top management at the company have been squirreling away much of the income they've acquired from advertising and certain "shady dealings", funds which was supposed to be allocated for equipment, services and operating costs.

An unnamed source told UnNews, "This thing is as big as the AIG fiasco. There are about 40 people (the Cabal) living high on the hog, with enormous cash reserves, waiting for the other shoe to drop. And by shoe, I mean Wikia. And by drop, I mean implode."

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