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Wikia buys the moon, displays highlights on surface

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Sunday, March 18, 2018, 21:35:59 (UTC)

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13 June 2007


NASA: "That's no moon".

FLORIDA - Wikia Inc has confirmed the purchase of the moon from whoever owns outer space, and will begin featuring its top wikis on the moon's surface.

"We're not intending to make any negative changes, so please don't be concerned about this change of ownership," stated Wikia spokesperson Angela Beesley. "The only changes should be positive ones, and ones that this community have been requesting for a long time, such as a shared image repository, and shared login with the other planets' sattelites, and possibly even with Wikia in the future. Mostly, we hope you see this as a commitment from Wikia to ensuring the continuity of the project."

Wikia's administrators are currently on the moon's surface, installing the enormous LCD screens that will display the latest wikis that they have featured. However, moon-dwellers are not happy about this.

"There will never be a sudden, drastic change," argued lunar spokesperson Rangaogaleee. "It will always come in the form of a gradual phasing in, or small steps which only appear large when taken together. Just like with the frog in An Inconvenient Truth, when thrown into boiling water it jumps out. But when put in normal water that gradually increases in temp, it does not notice. Its for this reason that we can't wait for a sudden, drastic change - because Wikia is never going to do something so big."

Wikia has also announced plans to purchase Mars, but is waiting until jet-propulsion technology is improved so that Mars can be a bit closer to the Earth.

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