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WikiLeaks hacktivists bring Earth to standstill

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018, 12:21:59 (UTC)

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9 December 2010


WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, hacks his way to WWWIII

WORLD WIDE WEB, Earth -- WikiLeaks, the truth-telling web site that popped the global diplomatic bubble, is now fighting back, through its supporters, in an effort to bring on the World Wide Web war.

WikiLeaks had been condemned by governments globally for leaking their real intentions towards each other. “Lying and hypocrisy are essential to good governance, and WikiLeaks is destroying the bogus facade of cordial relations we all share,” said a spokesperson for the KGB (through an interpreter) in Russia. A spokesperson for the CIA agreed. “Our relationships with other countries are based entirely on falsehood. It would be a disaster for this sacred trust to be shattered by the truth.”

With Julian Assange under arrest the support base of WikiLeaks, such as its web-servers and bankers, have been threatened into cutting off relations. Never before in history has free speech suffered such a great global attack from all quarters.

But its moral supporters are now on a cyber offensive which has practically caused the Earth to stop spinning. A member of the anonymous group of hackers, which has been targeting firms it sees as being anti-Wikileaks told BBC that WWWIII has just begun.

Speaking on the BBC's Today Program, spokesperson, Coldblood said, "More and more people are joining BotNet. This signs them up to an army of stateless machines, which are physically hosted on the Moon, that can then launch attacks of any sort, such as taking control of the Pentagon, turning off the power grid in Paris, or blanking satellites in space.

After attacks rendered the Pentagon and NORAD totally helpless, Visa became the latest victim. Its website experienced complete deletion of all data, while MasterCard databases were also copied and then erased. All were victims of so-called distributed denial-of-service attacks, which bombards websites with expletives until they are humiliated beyond repair.

The Operation, codenamed, “Payback” campaign is targeting firms that have withdrawn services from WikiLeaks, such as Bank of America, NASA, NORAD, the FBI, the CIA, the KGB, the CID, TMZ and MI6. Essentially the entire global system has ground to a halt.

WikiLeaks attracted the ire of the US government when it began publishing 2,500,000 leaked, cheap shot, under-the-belt, insulting diplomatic cables. The various governments have written to WikiLeaks, saying its actions are “embarrassing” but they all deny putting pressure on firms to withdraw services – an outright lie, according to a document leaked by WikiLeaks.

Coldblood, who is not an official spokesperson for Anonymous, who is a pseudonym for deep throat told the BBC that "millions" of people had joined up in what he described as a "The Mother of all Data Wars".

"We are trying to make the Internet open, but in recent years, governments have been trying to limit the damage we can wreak on the Internet," he said. Entries on the Twitter page of Operation Payback, the Anonymous campaign, said the Visa site had been ‘obliterated’, and that the entire ICBM capacity of NORAD was fully under the control of little kids and WikiLeaks supporters.

Visa's Ted Carr said its processing network, which handles cardholder transactions, was totally copied and then deleted.

Kristin Hrafnsson, from WikiLeaks, condemned companies such as The United States and Britain for cutting ties with the website.

Paul Mutton at the security firm Netcraft, who is monitoring the attacks, said Visa is considered a more difficult target and the attack on it required a much larger number of "hacktivists" - politically motivated hackers - 200,000 compared with 40 for NORAD, which even an adult can crack.

Earlier the BBC was contacted by a payment firm linked to MasterCard that said its customers had "a complete loss of service". In particular, it said that an authentication service for online payments known as MasterCard’s Secure Code, had been disabled.

Anonymous, which claimed to have carried out the attack, is a highly motivated and close-knit group of hacktivists, with links to the notorious message board 4chan. It said that it has hit numerous targets, including the website of the prosecutors who are acting in a legal case against WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, and threatened to expose their deviant sex secrets to the public if Assange is not released.

Another Anonymous member told AFP news agency the group would extend their campaign to anyone with "an anti-WikiLeaks agenda". Paypal, which had stopped processing donations to WikiLeaks, has just agreed to resume their service. And dishonest governments from around the world are being brought to their knees by revelations of their true intentions.

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