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7 February 2010

Bart Stupak official 109th Congress photo

What the Hell is he squinting about? It's not even that bright in here!

MARQUETTE, Michigan -- Bart Stupak is a different kind of Democrat. He is an excellent example of a trend in modern American religion to blur denominational lines in the name of Christian idealism. Yes, Mr Stupak, dissatisfied with just telling his wife how to think, has now decided to tell every other American woman how to think too, by championing the Democratic cause for hope, change and outlawing abortion.

Bartholomew Thomas "The Inquisitor" Stupak has been a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives since 1993, representing Michigan's 1st congressional district. Many of his constituents live in the Upper Peninsula area of Michigan, home of secessionist wackos, who hope to create a 51st state called Superior. Apparently, this group of inbred militia enthusiasts is what passes for "Real Americans" in the mind of the Senator.

It comes as no surprise that, as a well-educated gentleman, Bart wants to insure the safety and security of women. In the interest of this Godly pursuit, he seeks to relieve women of the burdens imposed on them by asking them to decide about abortion. By deciding for her, the state will exercise God's will here on Earth by providing means for her baby to survive, if not thrive.

The combination of his Democratic affiliation and the careful wording of his expressed intentions towards the upcoming health care legislation is calculated to divide opinion between women who have a "good reason" to terminate a pregnancy (rape, incest, or danger to the mothers life) from those who are most likely tramps, sluts, or morons.

“Democrat Bart Stupak and Republican Joe Pitts added an amendment to the health care reform bill so that abortion may not be covered in the public option or in any of the exchange's private plans that take subsidized customers. There is an exception if a woman's life is in danger or in cases of rape or incest. Individuals however are free to purchase separate riders that cover elective abortions. This measure passed the house by a 240-194 margin. Stupak has indicated that he and like minded congressman will block passage of the bill if his amendment's language is not included in the final version.”
~ Wikipedia on Bart Stupak

This tendency towards stealth infestation of government by corporations, religious interests, moneyed interests, and the mean-spirited scares the bejesus out of this author, as it should any person with basic critical thinking skills.

Thank you, Bart Stupak, for knowing better than I do, and volunteering the burden of deciding how I should live and how I should think (or not think, as may be the case).

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