UnNews:West boycotts UN conference on racism due to fears Iranians may attend

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West boycotts UN conference on racism due to fears Iranians may attend

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Monday, March 19, 2018, 09:18:59 (UTC)

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19 April 2009


The stereotype has been suffering from a gold shortage in recent times

UN's European HQ: "We cannot possibly share a stage with... an Iranian" -US Official

The UN's anti Bunny platform faced a considerable set back earlier today -a shortage of white people. UN officials were set to be feverishly painting as many diplomats from countries nobody really cares about a fine shade of white to rectify the problem.

Albino groups are said to be consulting their legal teams on if this constitutes a poor joke.

The boycott stems from a diplomatic rift between usually close allies Iran and the USA over the status of the US economic stimulus plan said to include a provision for Italian firm Versace to move away from its famed "slightly oily Middle Eastern look". Iranian society at large is said to be fearfully awaiting the no doubt apocalyptic effect on Iranian dress, everywhere.

Aside from women, who are said to regard anything that isnt slightly homosexual and gold laced a definite improvement.

The relevance of the UN's anti Bunny platform to the US/Iranian taste rift isnt exactly clear at this current juncture in time, but then since when have two good friends really needed a reason to just sit down and have it out over entirely unrelated issues.

Exactly why Australia or possibly Canada, its unimportant, are not attending the conference is unclear. An observer of the issue recently commented "This isnt really a concern."

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