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Well known Mythical creature killed

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Thursday, March 22, 2018, 22:12:59 (UTC)

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23 September 2008


It's Darth "Benedict XVI" Sidious! Moments before passing away in his Indian home based in Pakistan

Popular iconic religious icon figure', Darth Benedict XVI, known commonly as ratty and Benji, Mark Moran, Jason Moran and Lewis Moran, was found dead in his Indian home in Pakistan this morning by an unfortunate passer by. Police are not speculating anything at this point, but speculation by the Police commisionor suggests that the Dark lord was killed by a tragic overdose of a drug known as Suicidalitic'. The Vatican had this to say: "Benedict XVI took a break and travelled to Canada to go to his Melbourne house. While there he ordered an escort and ordered various services from known locations. He did not report to the Death Star and we were all very worried. It is a tragic loss for all mythical creatures."

The doctor who will be performing the autopsy has not yet commented on the death, saying it is most probable that the Dark lord tested his indestructible gifts but realized he did not posses any and so continued with the overdose. The drug used was also found in connection with several other 'suicides' including that of John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Ned Kelly, George W. Bush (For the future) and John Lennon raising concern over whether all the drug is in fact a transformer not unlike that of the Decepticons. The Mythical Creature Association (MCA) has organized a funeral for the homeless lord scheduled for the 22nd of September 2008, but later cancelled upon realising they had already missed the funeral. The MCA will also be conducting a special memorial for Benedict in commemoration of his life as a well known, but not liked, Mythical Creature with the possablity that some of the Dark Lord's closest friends (All mythical creatures) to attend, including such names as George W. Bush, Jesus and other unpopular children's icons.

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