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Wealthy pensioner wanders into a mad house

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Saturday, March 17, 2018, 11:19:59 (UTC)

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18 December 2012


Who are these strange people?

LONDON, United Kingdom --

A well known Windsor pensioner was left bewildered when she found herself surrounded by a lot of strange people who claimed to be her government.

Queen Elizabeth II had lost her way after becoming distracted selecting music from her iPodwhilst out Christmas shopping, and walked into 10 Downing Street by accident. There she was jumped on by two men in suits. One of them said he was ' {Dave, British Prime Minister' whilst the other, a sandy haired man with an irritating voice who introduced himself as 'Deputy Nick'. They led the Queen to a room where she was then introduced to room of awkwardly dressed men and women who said they were 'her coalition government'. They forcibly sat her down and made her look at a photographer.

Cameron then turned to the Queen and said, 'You are the first monarch to visit us whilst we are about to have a meeting since King George III in 1781. Understanding that to be code for 'We're mad, or 'You're mad' or 'We're both gaga', the Queen then pressed her panic alarm and within moments the place was full of SAS agents carrying guns and video cameras. An observant off-duty policeman who happened to be walking his dog nearby said he saw it all:

'You should have seen the Queen's face when she met Cameron and Clegg. The poor woman thought she had been secretly deposed by her son and sent to Bedlam. So when the SAS heard her distress signal, they threw stun grenades through the windows and blew off the doors with magnetic mines.

A Government spokeswoman said the whole thing had been a 'ghastly misunderstanding' but the Queen was now relaxing with her corgis and husband, the Duke of Edinburgh back at Buckingham Palace. Meanwhile Cameron and Clegg are being held in a windowless basement room for expected rendition to the Chamber of Political Failures.

In a later statement Margaret Thatcher confirmed she was still the real Prime Minister of Great Britain.

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