UnNews:Water and life found on Mars, first McDonalds built on Mars shortly after discovery

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Water and life found on Mars, first McDonalds built on Mars shortly after discovery

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Saturday, March 17, 2018, 22:42:59 (UTC)

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1 October 2008

NASA's Phoenix spacecraft has recently seen snowfall on mars, and also large rabbit-like lizards crawling out from crater to celebrate Iks'miz S'ram, or Mars Christmas. McDonald's, after seeing that sentient life exists on Mars, decided to build McDonald's restaurants on Mars so they could gain more money.

Ralph Alvarez, president & COO of McDonald's Co, refused to comment for this newspaper. So we decided to make up a quote for him.

"We like money. It's as plain as that. Building McDonald's restaurants on Mars for the Martians will give as Martian money. We hope to have the first loads of Martian money to arrive next Tuesday." said Alvarez.

However, Alvarez did not know that Martian money is just rocks. Rocks and dust. He'll be so surprised next Tuesday!

NASA scientists never expected life, they were only expecting to see the snow. But when Phoenix sent back snapshots of the Martians' Iks'miz S'ram celebration, they were very excited. When McDonald's decided to build restaurants on Mars, they were very reluctant to give them a space shuttle, until seeing the trillion-dollar offer they made to NASA. They then gladly gave them a shuttle.

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