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Vote for Bill Richardson because he is a western Hispanic

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Monday, March 19, 2018, 20:52:59 (UTC)

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21 May 2007

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I'm Hispanic, REALLY!

A large western state heavily-laden with Hispanics - Bill Richardson, officially beginning his run for president with the formal announcement of his candidacy, presented the focus of his platform today: his Hispanic roots and leadership of a Western state. "I'm Hispanic and lead a western state", said the current Governor of New Mexico, "even if I don't look Hispanic, I am". Richardson then produced six boxes of evidence of his Hispanic origins to the press. "Therefore, if you are Hispanic or live in the west, you should vote for me. If you are Hispanic AND live in the west, you are legally bound to vote for me."

Richardson, who has been Governor of New Mexico since 2003, reminded everyone present that his mother and his paternal grandmother are both Mexican, "That meets the definition of Hispanic, so, therefore, I'm Hispanic. Did I mention I'm the Govenor of New Mexico? That's in the west."

When asked about the latest U.S. Census report showing Hispanics and western states are the two fastest-growing segments of the American population, Richardson seemed incredulous. "Really?!", he replied looking at his advisers for affirmation, "I had no idea!"

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