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Vote Vic Rattlehead for President 2012!

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Monday, March 19, 2018, 13:17:59 (UTC)

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5 October 2010

Vic Rattlehead by Angus99

Our future president of the United States of America.

LAKE OF FIRE, Uncyclopedia -- ATTENTION, EVERYONE! ATTENTION! THERE IS GOING TO BE A NEW PRESIDENT OF AMERICA IN 2012, AND HIS NAME IS VIC RATTLEHEAD! Well that's of course if he wins the elections, which he will. The reason why I, the author of this article, advise you to vote for Vic Rattlehead, is because he will do great things in America, which is bringing more Propaganda and to bring back the insanity of dictatorship.

Many dead brained metalheads know Vic Rattlehead as the mascot of a thrash metal band, Megadeth. Well, at least until Dave Musturd the Shithead dropped him from the band. Soon after he joined the B-List Political Party League. But every day, he would soon think about being more than just some puppet of Fox News (aka B-LPPL), so that's why he decided to run for election as president (when 2012 comes). Vic Rattlhead's future speech stated:

"Many people would think that the holocaust was a bad thing. But to me, I think that it was a good thing, because it was what kept the earth in line along with propaganda. You see, if all you Grateful Americans would take a chance to vote for me, I will promise you that we will be the most powerful country on the planet. We will stabilize the army with 50,000 Robotic Soldiers and have 10,000 POUNDS of Explosive Nuclear Weapons just in case if those dreadful terrorists would come to try us. And further more, we shall also stimulate the economy with health care and restore the American Justice with death penalties for ALL criminals who break the law.

Vic Ratlehead - Election speech for 2012

But as usual, there will be many opponents to try to beat the election. For example, that Barack Hussein Osama guy wants to re-elect, promising the so-called "actual" change in America which we all know that it is non-existent. But won't that be nice if he did that?. But with Vic Rattlehead's superiorness and intellectualistic concept eye, I will be pretty sure that the election would be very obvious, considering that Vic Rattlehead shall become our president of America, and bring ACTUAL change to America. So, GET UP OFF YOUR ASSES AND VOTE FOR VIC RATTLEHEAD, OUR FUTURE PRESIDENT OF AMERICA!!!!!!!!!

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So, who are YOU going to vote for?

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