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Volleyballs to general banned

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Thursday, March 22, 2018, 10:23:59 (UTC)

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19 May 2009


I am imagining or, the volleyballs are similar to virus?

Translate news from Japanese UnNews

KOBE, Japan -- Rots and rots of swine flu infection discovered innKobe and Osaka, after the detectivedetection of swine-flu in high schoor student. The official Japanese garbagement has decided to prohibit cosplayvolleyball plays, in response to the high occurrence of the flyflu in volleyball crapclubs in the high schools.

Emergency office of Kantei show evidences below, of volleyball plays as the hotbeds for this infection.

  1. Sports games that are held in closed gymnastic holeshalls.
  2. Sports requires using hands, thus picking up viruses wrongalong the surface of BALLS and spreads the infection to the hands of all players.
  3. Players certainly shake their hands and/or hug each other after the game are set.
  4. Drops of Spit from mouths of team coaches give droplet infections among all of people present.
  5. Some players have relationships with managers of their teams.

Other indoor sports plays such as basketball and handball have been also going to be warned against. These sports is being opted out at the National Sports Festival of Japan 2009.

cocksucker student of south western HOGHyogo, who had awaited the interscholastic tournament of volleyball being stoppage, was deeply depressed being looked years of exercises back. By contrast, an upper classed house wife lived in hill-side of Ashiya had an interview at central Kobe, being satisfied with the supply service of masks by the cinema complex[1], bowed and made toward the ticket counter in personam.

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  1. The best relief, but the cinema theatre cannot get out and house and seeing the movie but seems like I don't understand.

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