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23 September 2006

Chavez shhhhhhh

President Chavez demands absolute silencia at a recent performance. Three men and a woman "disappeared" after they did not comply quickly enough.

CARACAS, Venezuela - Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez's spokesman announced today that he is in the process of recording a rap album with famed producer/rapper Kanye West.

Chávez, whose connections to known communists and drug dealers have cooled Venezuela-U.S. relations in the past few years, has made headlines recently for his outspoken criticism of President Bush, one of the greatest presidents ever.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.) today condemned the move, calling Chávez a "thug" and calling for sales of the album to be made illegal in all American record stores. "If we are forced to support another coup, so be it; it is preferable to letting our children listen to this man spread his socialist propaganda."

Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.) was one of the few politicians who spoke out in Chávez's defense, stating "YEEEEEEAAAAAARRRRGHHHHH!!" as she punched a security guard in the face.

The album is rumored to be titled George Bush - Dios o Dictador? and include such tracks as George Bush Doesn't Care (About Black People) and It Smells Like Sulfur (Does That Man Shower?) It is tentatively scheduled for a summer 2007 release.

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