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Vehicles are charged

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Saturday, March 24, 2018, 12:38:59 (UTC)

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14 November 2006

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Model t

A new age car, threatened by charges

LONDON, England -- Vehicles, that are causing the most pollution in London, will be charged. At present, it has not be released officially what these charges will be. However, Ladbrokes, have murder and armed robbery as the two favourites.

These charges will be enforced daily on the streets of London, and many unsettled cases will be suspiciously solved. The unsolved crime rate for 2007 has been predicted at 0%. By 2008, Humans will no longer be being charged for crimes, and thousands of cars will be in prison.

"Cars are the problem," announced Mayor of London Ken Livingstone "they are destroying the environment, so why can't they be blamed for everything else?"

GMTV's phone-in-poll show 99% backing from the people of London, with a majority of the support coming from the East End. Although, the beings that are going to be punished for the crimes surprisingly are totally against it.

"We haven't done anything," argued Fiat Punto, head of the Vehicle's Union "Yeah, we may of caused some of the crimes, but not all of them. We are getting blamed for Mankind's mistakes."

Nevertheless, Humans do rule the earth, and will not be taking the Vehicle's view into account, much to the annoyance of the Vehicle's Union.

"Expect strikes," said Volkswagen Beetle.

The laws are going to hit many cars, and in cases ruin their careers. But, because of the lack of rights they have, they can not do anything about it.

The new laws are expected to be enforced before the new year.

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