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Vegeta: DOW is under nine thousaaaaand!

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Saturday, March 17, 2018, 11:22:59 (UTC)

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23 October 2008


Vegeta is clearly distressed at the current state of the market

New York-- Yesterday meant trouble for stock broker firm Sayan & Sayan, As the stock market tanked again, the firm was sent into a panic as they lost millions of dollars. The Co-Owners, Vegeta and Nappa, were reported to have this conversation:

NAPPA: "Vegeta! What does your scouter say about the DOW Jones Industrial Average!"


NAPPA: "What? Nine Thousand?!?!?!"

This is reported to be the worst time in the history of Sayan & Sayan since it was founded in 2000 after Vegeta and Nappa retired from trying to dominate the universe by taking steroids and screaming a lot. "I can't go back to that" Vegeta tells our reporters, "Sure it was fun at first, but after Kakarot Pwnd me, all the guys i fought afterward gradually became ridiculously powerful and the battles gradually became ridiculously long. Eventually it got to the point where it took 50 episodes to preform an attack that everybody says *cannot* fail, but the fucker withstood it like it was nothing!" His partner Nappa had something to say but nobody cares about him.

Despite the government's best efforts to cure the market by giving billions of dollars to the dumbasses who created the mess, the economy is still getting worse, and Sayan & Sayan may not ever go Super Broker level 5.

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