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Variety show Hee Haw to make a comeback

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Saturday, March 24, 2018, 02:48:59 (UTC)

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17 July 2010


Hee Haw Hitler: pickin' and a'grinnin'.

MUNCHEN, Tennesee -- Producer, banjo maestro and autocrat Adolf Hitler is reviving the once-popular country music-variety show "Hee Haw". The Fuhrer has entered a limited partnership with the Bilderberg Group, Halliburton and Toyota Motors, and has already completed filming the first eight shows. Credit was given to the Enigma Machine for keeping the production so tightly under wraps. Even Hollywood unions didn't know about it.


Performance artist Tojo, shown here during a gig with Texaco in the 1940's.

Mr. Hitler will host, play banjo and sing, solo and with guest musicians. There will be a different co-host every week, and a revival of the memorable "Pickin' and a' Grinnin'" with Benito Mussolini playing Roy Clark to Hitler's Chet Atkins.

Rumors are circulating the identities of the guests who've already signed on for the sure-to-be boffo project. Renowned bassoonist and pedal steel player Dr. Paul Joseph Göbbels may have scored the arranger's gig. Singularly-named performance artist Tojo may bring his talents as a shakuhachi player and stand-up comic to the stage.

One rumor confirmed quashed was that Dick Cheney could fiddle, on a roof or otherwise.

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