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Vanished Iranian scientist reappears in Washington

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Thursday, March 15, 2018, 14:55:59 (UTC)

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14 July 2010


As Mr. Amiri demonstrates, a quick way to test a sample for radioactivity is to hold it up to the ear to see if it gives off heat.

WASHINGTON/TEHRAN -- An Iranian nuclear scientist who vanished more than a year ago mysteriously reappeared in Washington on Tuesday saying he had been kidnapped by aliens.

Iran, which is locked in a standoff with the West over its development of an Israel-busting nuclear weapon, has repeatedly accused the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency of abducting Shahram Amiri, who worked for Iran's ‘Secret Atomic Bomb for Israel Development Organization’ (SABIDO). A claim which the CIA uncharacteristically deny.

Amiri, who went missing during a visit to Roswell, New Mexico more than a year ago, appeared out of thin air at the Iranian section of the Pakistani embassy, which represents Iran because Iran and Pakistan are in cahoots.

A man, or possibly an Alien changeling, identifying himself as Amiri has claimed in recent videos that he was kidnapped and studied under a giant microscope by Aliens. They studied him for a long time, and suddenly just released him at the Pakistan embassy. Now he wants human rights groups to help him return to Iran, which is the price of an economy air ticket.

Amiri was quoted by Iranian state TV on Tuesday as saying "my abduction was very scary but also fascinating. In fact, I don’t remember!"

The mystery surrounding him fueled speculation that he may have had valuable intelligence about the Iranian nuclear program, which the Aliens wanted to learn from him so that they could annihilate the human kind.

Amari insisted that he told the extraterrestrial aliens nothing. He also claims to have almost no recollection what so ever of his abduction.

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