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University of Michigan student government takes stand against BCS

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018, 21:41:59 (UTC)

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4 December 2006

ANN ARBOR, MI (UnNews) - Fallout from the controversial decision by the Bowl Championship Series to send the University of Florida to the national championship game against top-ranked The Ohio State University (TOSU) instead of the University of Michigan has already begun. Immediately after Fox announced the results at 8pm Eastern time, the Michigan Student Assembly immedately called an emergency session to consider a resolution to condemn the BCS for their decision and call for a playoff.

The resolution, entitled "Resolution to Condemn Bowl Championship Series", mentioned the fact that Michigan's only loss was to #1 ranked Ohio State while Florida's loss was to a distinctly inferior Auburn team. It also mentioned the fact that Michigan "should not be disadvantaged by the fact that the SEC has a championship game" and went on to point out the fact that Florida needs two quarterbacks to do the job Michigan can do with one. Finally, it touched on "shameless lobbying attempts by Urban Meyer", stating that they were "clear examples of Mack Brown influenced horse**** lobbying".

Of course, the resolution was passed unanimously - with one person abstaining. The abstainer was promptly recalled from their position for being "against Michigan" (as they had run on the "Students 4 Michigan" platform). As a result of the resolution, a new select committee has been created - the "BCS Playoff Planning Select Committee" - which plans to independently develop a playoff system and submit its plan to the BCS and University presidents. Additionally, an anti-BCS rally, sponsored by the Peace and Justice Commission, will take place tomorrow on Central Campus - and again in Glendale, AZ on January 8. Finally, the External Relations Committee plans to work in the future to lobby the BCS in an effort to beat Urban Meyer and Mack Brown at their own game.

The anti-BCS resolution, unlike many, was met with strong approval around campus. "We don't all agree on affirmative action or the minimum wage, but the BCS... heck yeah! Michigan got robbed!" said one student. "MSA is actually doing something! I guess when they talk of "action", they MEAN it!", said another.

BCS officials have so far not yet responded to any inquiries.

UPDATE: The University of Florida Student Government has just passed a resolution calling Michigan "a bunch of whining babies" and declaring that "Michigan had their chance". It went on to call the SEC "the better conference" and cited Michigan's "pathetic performance against Ball State" as compared with "Florida's brilliant play against Western Carolina" as a reason they should go. The resolution also supported the Bowl Championship Series for "picking the best team" and commended Urban Meyer for his role in the process, and calls for a rally "to support the brilliance of the BCS" to be held tomorrow in Gainesville.

UPDATE: The Associated Students of Boise State University (ASBSU) has just passed a resolution calling both Michigan and Florida "pretenders". It also condemned the BCS for "selecting a team with a loss over undefeated BSU". It went on to trumpet the victory over Oregon State, a team that USC lost to, as "proof of BSU's credentials", and called the WAC "the greatest conference on the planet". It concluded by stating that if Florida were to win the BCS National Championship Game and Boise State were to beat Oklahoma, Boise State would be recognized by ASBSU as national champions. The resolution also also called for an anti-BCS rally to be held in Glendale during the Ohio State-Florida game, and called for a nationwide boycott of the game. So far, only 10 TCU fans and 5 Utah fans have taken them up on it.

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