UnNews:Uncyclopedias all around the globe are being assimilated. Nobody Cares.

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Uncyclopedias all around the globe are being assimilated. Nobody Cares.

Where man always bites dog

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Thursday, April 28, 2016, 20:29:59 (UTC)

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3 August 2007

Wikia HQ, The Interweb

"Nobody cares!" screamed the chief of cybernetic defence department at his aid, as the one left his room, his face all red and filled with shame.

The cause for this semi-hysterical conversation, according to UnNews classified sources has been a curious pan-wiki robotic activity that was explained as "routine interwiki maintenance job".

The appearance of numerous bots in multiple wikis during the week have raised some eyebrows amongst the wikis' moderators. Those eyebrows were clearly lowered due to the oncoming weekend and chances for some quality time with the missus a few pints of ale.


You friendly interwiki links bot. Observe the friendly Gatling guns and the friendly steel claws

Qscgu9-bot's crusade within Uncyclopedia, was matched by his peers Moshe Laurusnobilis in the Eincyclopedia, his identical twin brother Pietro Laurusnobilis in Inciclopédia, and their abomination of a cousin, Fernando Laurusnobilis in the Desciclopédia.

Several sightings of Wolfgang Laurusbnobilis left no doubt in some wikians perspective that this is, in fact, a full fledged interwiki invasion.

The purpose of the invasion remains unclear, where some believe that the bots are trying to unite all wikias to a single entity, thereby making the invasion easier. Some believe that the bots might be so anal, they cannot allow themselves to overtake wikis that are not being run properly. Therefore, before taking over they must put some order in the wikichaos.

A phone interview with the chief of interwiki links, Mr. Percival Connected, has revealed a disturbing truth.

"To be honest. we're not sure where did this bots came from or even if they're one bot with multiple incarnations or an evil tribe of inbreeders. Like people from West Virginia. Or Tasmania. Some even hint that someone at Wikia headquarters blotched a secret military experiment thereby dooming us all. I tell you, the only thing we have left at our arsenal to face those bots is the... (something crashing can be heard in the background, Connected's voice becomes agitated) Hey you! You can't barge in here like this! No! Don't put that on me! DON'T LINK ME TO THE KOREAN UNCYCLOPEDIA! NOOOOOO!!!!"

And with that the line went dead. In Korean.

We at Unnews can only express our utmost concern for the future of the wikias, and perhaps, for humanity itself. Let us all hope that whatever happens

zh:????? ??????

he:הויקיות ברחבי העולם מוטמעות אחת בשניה. לאף אחד לא אכפת

de:UnNews:Uncyclopedias ganz um die Kugel werden angepaßt. Niemand interessiert sich.

fr:dÉsinformation:Des Uncyclopédias tout autour du globe se sont assimilées. Personne ne s'inquiète.

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