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Uncyclopedia warns against flaming ‘Arse-hole’ virus

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Sunday, March 18, 2018, 21:45:59 (UTC)

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14 July 2011


The Arse-hole virus discovered on VFH

UNCYCLOPEDIA, World Wide Web -- The Grand Adminati on Tuesday advised global Uncyclopedians to protect their articles following reports of a virulent new virus known as flaming “Arse-hole” that is adversely affecting registered users worldwide.

The Adminati said flaming Arse-hole installs a malicious “against” vote onto VFH nominations, which then directs those articles to a rogue VFH page known as Recently failed.

As many as fourteen individual VFH nominations have been victimized by the grody to the max dickware, he/she said.

“We must not wait for these kinds of dick-headed viruses to hit VFH and cause harm before establishing counter measures. With the speed and vulnerable pervasiveness of the Internet, this particular dickware can corrupt nominations in no time,” the Adminati said in the statement.

Earlier, Adminati Grand Owl filed Anti-dickhead Bill No. 52 or the Cyber Slime Ball Prevention Act of 2011, which seeks to protect Internet users from illegal online activity like bogus sock puppetry, article theft, mis-huffing, and shit-brained VFH “against” votes, among many others.

Violators shall be punished with counter “against” votes and/or a fine of at least Indonesian rupees 50,000,000,090,000,000,300,722 (US$2.44).

“Nowadays, a numbers of perfectly good nominations which have been corrupted by the so-called flaming Arse-hole virus no longer have access to the coveted 'FA' status. We must be diligent and set safeguards to protect against those malicious entities wanting to destroy peace, tranquility and advancement,” he/she said.

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