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Uncyclopedia to get $100 billion dollar bailout to get Domain Name Back

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Monday, March 19, 2018, 13:11:59 (UTC)

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27 November 2008

North America, USA, California, Silicon Valley

This is Captain Obvious reporting for UNNews again.

Oscar Wilde petitioned Congress for Uncyclopedia to get a $100 Billion US dollar bailout even if he is a UK citizen and dead.

"I spent the money on male hookers and booze." said Mr. Wilde, "and then Wikia decided to take away Uncyclopedia s domain name and we might be having advertising soon to pay for our hosting."

It seems Uncyclopedia.org now redirects to uncyclopedia.wikia.com and people have gotten confused. Did Uncyclopedia change from a non-profit to a corporate Wiki? Will we be seeing pop-up ads soon?

It is not about ads! claimed one anonymous source who didn't want to be noticed except for her minor awards. Then the hammer falls down on Uncyclopedia users bitching about the new ads.

Barack Obama was quoted as saying "This is not the change I was talking about."

Nancy Pelosi said "Of course it is, Obama, we're doing something totally different now. We changed our ways, instead of spending billions of dollars we are now spending trillions of dollars to fix the economy which Neocons like George W. Bush broke."

Rush Limbaugh was quoted as saying "See I told you so, just like the title of my best selling book."

Glenn Beck said "CNN canceled my show and will get a $300 billion bailout while I wait to be put in the time slot of Fox News where I belong and they make so much money they don't need a bailout. Only Liberal corporations need or want bailouts."

Meanwhile the big three auto makers flew in private jets to ask Congress for trillions to bail out their car companies. They refuse to make anything but expensive gas guzzlers and refuse to make renewable energy cars like cars that run on hydrogen or water. When asked if they should just sell their private jets for the money and fly coach instead. One of them replied "Are you out of your mind? I can't be seen with common people, it will ruin my stock value!"

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