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Uncyclopedia to abandon humor

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Thursday, March 22, 2018, 16:36:59 (UTC)

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13 October 2015

Lopsided hooters

Uncyclopedia searches for a new niche.

WIKIA CITY, California -- Uncyclopedia, the Internet's premier amateur comedy website, has announced that it is changing its format and will henceforth stop being funny.

The decision closely follows the announcement by Playboy Magazine that its print editions will no longer feature photographs of naked women. In that announcement, chief executive Scott Flanders claimed that "fully nude shots are passé."

"No one buys Playboy just to look at the pictures," explained founder Hugh Hefner, 89. He said that incisive political commentary and information on new fashion trends has always been the magazine's niche. The uncovered tits simply provided cover for men who did not want to reveal that they were reading such things. Construction workers, for example, would be mortified if co-workers learned they were studying whether wide or narrow lapels will be "in" next year. Flanders noted that "You’re now one click away from every sex act imaginable for free," though he stopped short of giving out the URL to type in. Critics say magazines such as Hustler, with its signature "hamburger shots," have lapped Playboy by discarding its concern for being "tasteful."

Mr. Hefner's resident medical staff met to discuss the future and concluded that a wise response would be to triple the testosterone in the elderly Mr. Hefner's daily injections.

In the case of Uncyclopedia, webhost Wikia likewise says that no one reads Uncyclopedia for the comedy. "They come here to see page-footer ads for related websites on Bronies and, maybe some day, actual revenue-producing ads for breakfast cereals and household cleaners," said spokesman Jimmy Wales.

However, commentators in the blogosphere believe that Uncyclopedia's real draw is nudity, and visitors now click on the website merely to see if Wikia has reversed its notorious censorship of the venerable tit-shots that used to abound.

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