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Uncyclopedia officially declares war on Wikipedia

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Saturday, March 24, 2018, 10:49:59 (UTC)

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1 March 2009


While some would send soldiers off with guns and bombs, Uncyclopedia's forces are heavily armed with face paint and special uniforms.

WIKIA.COM, T3H INTERNETZ — After years of copyright infringement, parodying, insults, lying, and blaspheming, Uncyclopedia has had enough of that stupid "free" encyclopedia, Wikipedia, and has officially declared war on it. Founder Oscar Wilde had this to say about Wikipedia:

“It is a truly terrible and powerful thing; and therefore must be destroyed before it tries to huff us all.”
~ Oscar Wilde

And he's right. Jimbo Wales (Wikipedia's dorky founder) not only owns the tyrant Wikipedia, but also Wikia.com, which, in case you are stupidly unobservant and have never heard of a "ULR", is the owner of this site. Therefore, you must not let Jimbo know we're trying to kill him, or we're all dead, understand? Yes? Good, then I'll trust you, person-who-I-hope-is-not-Jimbo-Wales, to not rat us out.

edit Our Top-Secret Plans

Since we may be huffed at any time when Jimbo finds out about this, we're attempting a surprise attack (perhaps a Blitzkrieg), in hopes we may disable the dreaded "delete" button on Jimmy's computer. Once we've accomplished that, we're gonna innocently flood Wikipedia's (incorrect) article on pr0n at exactly 5:15pm tomorrow. Hopefully, we'll weaken the server with this attack. Then, at 5:30 pm tomorrow, we'll get some specialists to haXX0r into Wikipedia's mainframe and launch a denial-of-service attack against Wikipedia. If all goes according to plan, Wikipedia will be rendered useless, and we will quickly delete all the lying articles and replace them with Uncyclopedia's truthful and informative articles. And, we'll get all the money donated to Wikipedia as spoils of war. Hooray!

edit What if Jimbo finds out about this? Or if Wikipedia has really good security?

We here at Uncyclopedia don't think that far ahead. Helps us think we have a fighting chance.

Should our attack fail, we'll simply push Oscar Wilde, our leader, in front of Wikipedia's counter-attack. It's what all losing armies do when they suck.

edit Why now and not when that bastard parody website was created?

We waited until Oscar Wilde was resurrected (what, you think he lived to be 200?). It took some time for Oscar Wilde to dig himself out of his own grave, and we really needed someone to push in front of our enemy's attack in case of an emergency. But now he's managed to get out, and we're ready to mount our attack.

edit Won't Jimbo Wales be pissed when he finds out you guys took over Wikipedia?


And your point is...?

edit Well, he'd still own Wikia, and he can buy another computer...

Shut up.

edit I doubt this will work.

Oh, and why is that?

edit Because I am Jimbo Wales!


Now, wait a second, Jimmy! This isn't what it looks like, I swear!

In that case, you are a bastard and I do not need to respe-...*

Oh... shit...

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