Uncyclopedia feels left out by recent online scandals

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Saturday, October 20, 2018, 06:34:59 (UTC)

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1 June 2007


Relief for Uncyclopedia admins from a lack of scandals comes in many forms.

Uncyclopedia, The Internet — A recent wave of accusations of corruption and scandals in online communities has left popular information website Uncyclopedia wondering when it will get its own free advertising. Calls of favoritism have created schisms amongst players of the game EVE Online and mass deletions have caused revolts against LiveJournal, but Uncyclopedia has not had any bit of this action, only relegated to cleaning up the mess from Digg users who insist on posting the same hex number from their scandal everywhere they go as if it meant anything anymore.

"What does a website have to do to get some attention around here?" asked an Uncyclopedia administrator, who wished to remain nameless for the first time in his/her adminship for God only knows what reason. "We've had every bit as many internal conflicts to whine about as these idiots, yet we don't even get as much as a mention in major news!"

The administrator expressed distaste over the scale of the problems, as well as the lack of relevance of each. "We've had shitty in-jokes featured on our front page, we've banned people just because we don't agree with them, we've had articles protected and loved just because the admins were in a stupid mood that day, and we get trumped out of major internet news outlets by bullshit like some losers accusing the admins of their favoritest online game evar of a little favoritism. Hell, that thing with LiveJournal lasted just two days before they fixed it and apologized and it only affected a few hundred of their thirteen million journals, and they get CNet coverage! Two days! What is wrong with you people?"

The userbase of Uncyclopedia shares the grief of the administration. Many feel that their own subculture of the internet should get the full attention of the world at large whenever any internal squabble comes up. According to one Uncyclopedia user, "It's like, before any of this happened, I didn't know or care about this EVE Online game. Now I know it's a horribly overblown game full of people who take it way too seriously, and that's what I call free advertising. I've written hundreds of hatemongering articles on Uncyclopedia, gotten them all huffed, I got banned numerous times, AND I've started numerous conspiracy theory threads in the Village Dump [Uncyclopedia's public discussion forum], and I don't even see word one about it in news outlets! This is an outrage!"

Slashdot and CNet editors were unavailable for comment.

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